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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

May 3, 2019

We are excited to have this TIPisode presented by Andre Shirdan!  He was on the podcast before!


Andre is an inspirational and motivational speaker, executive coach, and a certified trainer. 
Since 1989, Andre has worked with thousands of practices helping to create systems for treatment planning, staff training, goal attainment, internal and external marketing, and computer systems integration.
Andre founded Systems Practice Management, Inc., a dental practice management, training and consulting firm.  He created Building Blocks Scheduling, Countdown Confirmation, SELL Training and the PracticePar Analysis.  He co-created the non-surgical periodontal protocol Stat-Ck.
Andre is best known for creating The CREW Process - a better way to define practice philosophy, bring consistency to treatment and gets the entire office in alignment. Practices working with Andre have found great personal success while getting to know his genuine, frank, and devilishly funny personality.

You can find more about Andre and the Crew Process at