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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Feb 21, 2019

This week's guest isn't just satisfied with scraping teeth. A master of “practical management,” he aims for such a thorough treatment that his patients won't need to come back as often.

John Comisi, DDS, MAGD, is a South Carolina-based dentist and assistant professor at the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine. Along with being the founder of Dental Care with a Difference and CEO/President of Sleep Focused Solutions, Inc., John takes a very comprehensive approach to his practice, believing that good baseline dentistry is much more than just cleaning.

In this episode, John touts the benefits of minimally invasive dentistry, impresses the importance of teaching these methods to both professionals and patients, and explains how this practice can adapt to lower income patients.


Interview begins:

- John discusses his journey, his passions, and why he ended up focusing on teaching.

- What does “practical management” mean and why John thinks it’s far too neglected.

- Breaking down the practices and benefits of minimally invasive dentistry and how it can form better relationships with patients.

- When critical thinking needs to take priority in diagnosis over technology.

- Teaching students and professionals the skills and knowledge needed to fully comprehend these new technologies.

- Why we need to involve the patients themselves in this learning process as well.

- Adapting these techniques to each patients economic ability.

- How John’s brand of dentistry is far more than just teeth cleaning.


"We’re just trying to make a difference in the world of our patients and the world of our students as their next generation is being created.”

“You have to be able to take all the science and all of the understanding and break it down to what’s really gonna work with that particular patient.”

“Do we really need to invade that tooth?”

“Everything that we do causes an effect on the overall ability of that structure to tolerate the next thing that we do to it.”

“If you don't teach them to take care of the gum garden before you go gum gardening, you’re going to have a mess!”

“The most critical thing we can do is understanding the needs of the patient.”


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