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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Feb 27, 2019

If you enjoyed hearing from Uche Odiatu on our recent TIPisode, then you'll be pumped to know that we recorded an even longer episode with him following the Yankee Dental Congress in Boston!

Uche Odiatu is a Dentist, certified personal trainer, author, speaker and wellness expert. He strongly believes that the best treatment neither begins nor ends in the dentist's chair, and in fact extends to all corners of a patient's lifestyle—after all, the average person only spends a couple of hours per year with their dentist, and all the rest on their own care.

In this jam-packed episode, Uche outlines four major out-of-office routines that can impact how well dental, orthodontic and airway treatments actually work, including physiology, sleep, diet and stress.


Interview starts: 4:10

- How sharing what you've learned can actually help you understand it even better.

- Patient lifestyle habits that can derail the healing process or even the best dentist's intentions.

- The benefit of gradually increasing your active physiology opposed to taking on a bunch of activities at once.

- Finding kind and constructive ways to suggest physical activity to patients.

- How disrupted sleep can disrupt the healing process, and why being a quick sleeper isn't as healthy as you think.

- Discussing cost-effective techniques for addressing bad sleeping habits.

- Coffee: a better source for fiber and life expectancy than you probably thought.

- Setting realistic hydration goals.

- How a deep nasal breath can reset your system when you're feeling stressed.

- Letting your microbiome flourish to ensure better health.


"I'd rather shoot for eight [thousand steps] realistically rather than beat myself up for not getting 10."

"The only time your body's healing is at nighttime, and poor sleepers are often poor healers."

"Falling asleep quick sounds like bragging rights, but it actually means that you're overtired."

"We end up being better health care providers ourselves if we're good sleepers."

"Whenever you've got the option to drink water, drink water."

"Better down the hatch than from the hatch!"

"Microbiome impacts your health as much as your genes do."


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