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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Dec 25, 2016

Ben Hilger – Bad Things Happen to Good People

Ben helps us find out where to find our legal rights! How would you like to pay a small flat fee (like about 20 bucks a month!) and have a lawyer at your fingertips, IN YOUR STATE, to help you fight the injustices that happen to us hygienists? Call Ben and tell him you...

Dec 17, 2016

We know these show-notes are lengthy... but you gotta read them people!! This is a great episode!

Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS is a vision-driven still practicing clinician that brings experience and news-participants-can-use the next day. Her works centers on challenging professionals to be the best they can be; for 2013 that...

Dec 9, 2016

Wanna know how you can tell we love you? Because we brought you this episode! This is going to blow... your.... MIND!

We are talking soft and hard tissue REGENERATION folks! Remember how your teacher said it cant be done? Tracy has 750 studies on over 2.5 million patients spanning TWENTY+ years that says otherwise!


Dec 1, 2016

What a great episode this was with Karen! Karen is an absolute delight to listen to. She has a passion for this profession and a lot of helpful knowledge to share. We are lucky to call her a dear friend of the show! Karen wears many hats and the one we talk alot about in this episode is her work with American Eagle...

Nov 25, 2016

EPISODE FIFTY!!!!!!!!!! We cannot believe we have made FIFTY of these things! It's insane! Thanks everyone for your support and your love. Looking forward to the next fifty! Please go rate and review us on iTunes SUPER IMPORTANT!