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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Dec 11, 2019

Michelle is joined by co-host Eva Masters Ramsey for the latest A Tale of Two Hygienists interview to discuss anything and everything pertaining to the unexpected relationship between sleep, vitamin intake and oral health.


Stasha Gominak is a neurologist-turned-sleep coach who learned of the link between chronically poor sleep and chronic illness. As part of RightSleep, she investigates how a little bit of vitamin deficiency can go a long way to causing long-term impacts on the body, including airway paralysis during REM sleep—which leads to a whole host of oral issues!


In this episode, Stasha discusses how sleep studies led her to focus on the relationship between vitamin intake and bacteria, reveals some of the most important discoveries she’s made in the course of her research, and explains how lifestyle changes in the last 200 years have massively impacted health across multiple cultures.




Interview starts: 19:21

- How did a neurologist like Stasha end up focusing on vitamins and working in the dental field?


- The unusual and inexplicable commonality Stasha found among a shocking number of sleep study participants.


- Why Stasha believes there’s a link between REM sleep and many physical ailments.


- How Stasha stumbled across the overlooked relationship between Vitamin D and paralysis during sleep.


- Stasha’s advice for effectively supplementing your vitamin intake.


- Why it’s vital to figure out the correct dosage of Vitamin D for you and your family members.


- Stasha relates some of her adventures (and misadventures) in administering the right dosage.


- The reason so necessary to keep your “bugs”—i.e. gut bacteria—healthy.


- Stasha breaks down the upcoming workbook she’s preparing for expectant mothers.





“I think as long as we cure people, we can feel confident that we know what we’re doing.”


“Every single one of these people is getting paralyzed too much or not getting paralyzed enough!”


“Nobody makes money off of Vitamin D—in fact, it’s free! If you walk outside without sunscreen you make it yourself!”


“For every single hormone, too much and too little both screw us up.”


“I recommend that anyone who’s listening to this does not play around with Vitamin D unless you’re serious about it.”


“The same thing that makes you awake and alert in the day makes you sleep at night.”


“The ultimate outcome is: I don’t ever have to have a cavity filled again.”


“We should really come into the discussion with a viewpoint of collaboration and compassion.”



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