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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jan 15, 2020

A Tale of Two Hygienists is continuing its miniseries on myofunctional therapy with Sarah K. Hornsby. This week, she shines a light on how myofunctional disorders develop in babies and infants and how widely-accepted nurturing practices can enable them.


Sarah K. Hornsby, RDH, is a myofunctional therapist, speaker and mentor. Her interest in myofunctional disorders arose from her own myofunctional problems, inspiring her to ask bigger questions about why these issues are prevalent in today’s society. This ultimately led to her launching her own myofunctional therapy practice, Faceology, a decade ago.


In this episode, Sarah explains how breastfeeding plays an important role in the development of oral muscles, reveals how modern technology has a negative impact on nurturing, and discusses how you can most effectively provide guidance to stubborn parents.





Interview starts: 14:15


- Sarah explains how nutrition is not the only important part of breastfeeding.


- Why it’s better to perform a tongue tie procedure as early as possible.


- Looking at the different techniques used for tongue tie procedures and which are better suited for infants,


- Why tummy time is so important to myofunctional health.


- The reason you should think twice about looking at your cell phone while breastfeeding.


- Why the immune systems of babies born through C-section are different from those born vaginally.


- Sarah breaks down why she’s so against pacifiers.


- The difficulty of integrating myofunctional therapy into a dental practice, especially when it comes to advising parents on their babies’ feeding habits.





“Breastfeeding is myofunctional therapy for babies.”


“I think any baby who has acid reflux... should definitely be screened for a tongue tie.”


“Our bodies are amazingly resilient and adaptable.”


“Education is the key. If moms know, they can make a decision, and that’s it.”


“Mouth-breathing alone, at night, will affect your sleep.”


“Do your own research, and if you feel like something’s wrong, trust your gut.”



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