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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Humans have learned to tattoo or bejewel every corner of their bodies, and yes that includes their mouth. Whether it’s mouth tattoos or tooth jewelry, dental professionals may work with patients who’ve modified their oral cavity in some aesthetic way, and when that moment comes it’s good to know exactly how to work with or around these “tooth trends.” The latest Tale of Two Hygienists had on a trio of guests to discuss these intricate and occasionally tricky decorations.


Jamie Henderson is a tattoo artist, the owner of Milford, PA-based tattoo parlor Forsaken Ink, and has had firsthand experience working with mouth tattoos. Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muniz (previously heard on episodes 92. 172 and 174) is a dental hygienist-turned-prosthodontist and the editor of Dr. Tom Sterio has been practicing periodontics for nearly a decade and works for the Perico Group, which focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease.


In this episode, our guests discuss the ins and outs of working with patients who have mouth tattoos, reveal some of their own body modification work, and weigh in on the latest viral lip trend.





Interview starts: 12:58


- Jamie breaks down the techniques that go into inking mouth tattoos and explains how tattoo artists consider oral hygiene.


- What kind of infection risk comes with applying and caring for mouth tattoos?


- How would one go about safely and hygienically removing an oral tattoo?


- Michelle and the guests discuss their own tattoo experiences.


- Why would Pam decline applying a tooth jewel?


- What is gum-reshaping/crown lengthening, and why would a patient have them done?


- What professionals are doing to fill in “black triangles.”


- Note: this podcast does NOT endorse eating Tide Pods.





“It’s not something that most people can do, so unfortunately there’s a lot of people with some blobby lips out there.”


“I have a cat on my hip that’s purple!”


“I would absolutely only consider a gem on completely intact, sound enamel.”


“We just want the unpredictable thing to be done and settled and checked off before we do the more predictable thing.”



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