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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Apr 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has made finances a little more tenuous for individuals and companies alike. To offer advice and guidance in these times, A Tale of Two Hygienists has invited on a financial expert who wants people to embrace the habits of holistic financial health


Reese Harper, CFP, is the founder and CEO of Dentist Advisors, a consulting firm specializing in financial planning and investment management for dentists. Reese is also a co-host for Dentist Advisors’ Dentist Money Show podcast, where he speaks to dentists about their financial adventures, misadventures and hopes for the future.


In this episode, Reese reveals the key habit you need to internalize if you want to retire on time, makes a case for NOT immediately paying down your student loans, and suggests a few ways you can build up your liquidity.




Interview starts: 10:15 

- How Reese and the Dentist Advisors team come up with engaging content.


- The reason Dentist Advisors needs to submit every one of its products and texts for compliance review.


- Reese breaks down the different tiers of clients Dentist Advisors works with.


- Want to make sure you retire on time? Start tracking.


- How Reese determines how “liquid” any one of his given clients is.


- In what situations should you NOT be paying down your student loans?





“You’re expected to be a media producer in addition to being a business owner these days.”


“How can we make money easier for people and make it accessible and intuitive?”


“Finance is always better with a buddy!”


“It will become more and more important in the world going forward that you build liquidity before you pay off debt.”


“Financial pain comes in spurts.”





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