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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

Whether you’re cooped up at home or working on the frontlines, the COVID-19 pandemic can have a psychological toll on top of the endless physical, social and financial difficulties it’s been causing. This week’s guest has several pointers for staying on top of your mental health in these times.


Machele Galloway is a queso-loving certified life coach and the founder of LifeLeap Coaching, LLC. With a focus on time management and identifying unhealthy thought patterns, Machele works with her clients virtually through Zoom and has previously appeared on episode 120.


In this episode, Machele explains how our long-held beliefs can limit our growth, discusses how our mind can make certain events and incidents worse than they actually are, and walks listeners through how to internalize healthier mental habits.





Interview starts: 9:58

- Machele explains how her form of coaching helps a client find their sense of control.


- How holding onto certain belief systems “for dear life” can lead us to make limiting decisions.


- Machele walks Andrew through one of his current frustrations and helps him take control of it.


- How our interpretations of events can have more of a psychological impact than the events themselves.


- What Machele does to help her clients address their fear of illness.


- A crash course in recognizing unhelpful thoughts and creating new, healthier habits.





“It’s impossible not to reevaluate your life during this.”


“If you have a belief that you got laid off and it’s going to cause you to lose everything, the way you show up in your life will essentially guarantee that happens.”


“Accept what’s going on and adapt.”


“You can’t enjoy having a great day without knowing what an awful day feels like.”


“Our thoughts always create our results.”


“I’d much rather be too careful than not careful enough.”


“There is zero upside in beating yourself up over anything.”



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