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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

May 27, 2020

To continue A Tale of Two Hygienists’ implant series, Michelle spoke with a 20-year dental hygiene veteran who knows that maintaining dental implants requires a significantly different skill set (and set of tools) than conventional natural tooth cleaning.


Melissa Obrotka works as a hygienist for a prosthodontic practice in New Jersey while also serving as a clinical trainer for Electro Medical Systems (EMS). Called the “implant maintenance guru” by A Tale of Two Hygienists’ own Michelle Strange, Melissa also teaches as a clinical adjunct professor at her own alma mater of Bergen Community College in NJ.


In this episode, Melissa breaks down both the broad strokes and the nuances of treating implants, impresses the importance of disclosure when discussing implants with your patients, and explains why the learning process is still ongoing well into one’s career.





Interview starts: 16:22


- How hygiene school turned Melissa from the “worst student” into one of the most enthusiastic students.


- Why treating implants is a “whole new ballgame” compared to treating natural teeth.


- The reason implant dentistry demands further (and constant) learning.


- Getting into the nitty gritty of working with implants as a dentist or hygienist.


- Melissa lays out the short- and long-term rewards of investing in the latest technology for the best possible implant care—and what you can do and say to convince your dentist.


- What can patients inspect from your average implant inspection?


- Melissa discusses how the Dental Implants Uncovered Facebook page came to be and what you can get out of it.






“We see the implant patient from the surgical to the restorative.”


“These people have made a giant investment in improving their oral health.”


“It is expensive technology, but it’s amazing technology and there’s a reason why the price point is where it’s at.”


“They went the distance; I need to go the distance for them.”


“If you don’t take action on the knowledge, then what is the knowledge for?”




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