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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Sep 23, 2020

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Continuing its series on Dental Infection Control Awareness month, Michelle is speaking with a guest who knows OSHA so well that they call her “the OSHA Lady,” and who has plenty experience reaching out to dental employees who’ve heard the same training many times before.

Karen Daw is an author, coach, and authorized OSHA trainer. Previously the Clinic Health and Safety Director/Safety Improvement Coordinator for Ohio State University, she now works with dental practices to develop a culture of safety while decreasing costs.


In this episode, Karen explains how OSHA training works in the time of COVID, ponders what about OSHA will change after the pandemic, and discusses the strangest mask she’s seen yet.





Interview starts: 14:49


- Karen discusses the unexpected path that led her to work with OSHA and how she became a “safety geek.”


- The occasionally tricky task of making OSHA training engaging for employees who may have gone through it a half dozen times over.


- Breaking down the differences between infection control and OSHA.


- How do you reach employees who are just plain tuned out of the training?


- Looking toward the future of OSHA in a post-COVID world.


- Differentiating federal OSHA from state OSHA.


- Karen gives a brief overview of the Respiratory Infection Program





“You have to be able to educate and empower at the same time.”


“You gotta have the buy-in from everybody if you’re gonna make this work.”


“Your safety is important to me, and because it is important to me we’re gonna carve out the time to make sure that you have this training [and] that you understand.”


“When you give someone the opportunity to shine, they’re gonna surprise you in many cases.”


“I think what this pandemic has shown us is that we need more black and white.”


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