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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Sep 30, 2020

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For the final episode in A Tale of Two Hygienists’ infection control series, Michelle had the opportunity to virtually sit down and speak with a specialist on the subject of keeping your tools in sparkling clean condition so as to limit the risk of spreading infection.

Joyce Moore is an infection prevention specialist at Midmark Corporation, an educational consultant for 3M, and the owner of Compass Dental Safety based in Swansea, MA. Joyce focuses on safe and sanitary instrument reprocessing and over the course of her career has worked in both the dental and medical fields.


In this episode, Joyce goes through her own instrument reprocessing procedure step by step, discusses the different types of indicators, and impresses the importance of good record-keeping.





Interview starts: 13:36


- How working across two fields allows Joyce to see a larger perspective on how they’ve evolved.


- The importance of avoiding passing down “legacy errors.”


- Joyce and Michelle review their respective processes for handling and treating dental instruments.


- Ultrasonic cleaner vs. dishwasher, and why the latter can never replace the former.


- Why you should invest in a printer or data logger for record-keeping.


- What are the different kinds of indicators, and what should be our best practices for them?





“I love infection prevention, and I love people who love to talk about infection prevention.”


“You don’t want to have to contact a whole batch of patients saying that [you] didn’t do this right, because you will never repair your reputation from that standpoint.”


“Sterile dental instruments and devices are key to practicing safe dentistry.”


Joyce’s email:



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