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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

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This week, Casey Hein brings the vast amount of knowledge and wisdom she has amassed through her 50 years in dentistry to the podcast. Casey’s many roles include dental hygienist, consultant, writer, speaker, founder of the first publication on Oral-Systemic Medicine, and pioneer of Periodontal-Systemic Science in patient care, medical-dental collaboration, and point-of-care medical testing. She has also served as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Periodontics, and Director of Education of the International Centre for Oral-Systemic Health, at the University of Manitoba in Canada. Truly an expert in her field, Casey shares her experience and her passion with listeners here today.


She begins by reviewing her remarkable journey in the dental profession, and then provides an in-depth analysis of the need for, and steps to follow, in implementing a medical-dental integration, and an ‘entry to wellness at point of care’ model. As part of this discussion, she delves into such topics as mind lines, transdisciplinary care, the ‘rising risk populations’, and the need to establish proof of concept. Casey finishes up by sharing some upcoming initiatives and events with which she will be involved to help move us all closer to these models. Casey has a vision of where dentistry needs to head in the future, and is more than prepared to collaborate with all shareholders to help shape and ultimately achieve that vision. Listen in today to be inspired by her passion and respond to her call to action.





Interview starts: 8:26



- Casey’s journey in the dental profession

- The varying levels of understanding among physicians, nurses, and dental professionals regarding oral-systemic interrelationships

- Medical-dental integration and attitudes toward it

- The Non-physician Primary Care Model and how to get there

- Mind lines

- The challenge of implementing the evidence of oral-systemic interrelationships

- The perfect model for medical-dental integration

- Transdisciplinary care

- The ‘entry to wellness at the point of care’ model and Casey’s plans for educating others in its implementation

- Screening people for risk factors of various conditions

- The ‘rising risk populations’

- Casey’s ‘proof of concept’ protocols and getting insurance companies and practices on board

- Casey’s ‘Mini Messages’

- Some of Casey’s upcoming initiatives/events




“I’ve been around for about 100 years.”


“Basically, what we’ve seen…is that physicians and nurses have really stepped up now to do a lot of things in the oral cavity. They get it.”


“Plaque doesn’t tell the whole story.”


“It is the first time that we have guidelines that incorporate factors outside the oral cavity.”


“It’s about erasing and relearning a lot of what we learned.”


“The way we are doing it now in dentistry, it is completely obsolete.”


“It is monumental to try to change the way people are educated.”


“There is this junction between medicine and dentistry, and, the truth of the matter is, we will share responsibility and accountability for patient outcomes.”


“It’s about entering healthcare wherever that patient could be, and we need to be part of that.”


“We’re not diagnosing, we’re screening.”


“We just need to get comfortable and not be afraid to talk to medical providers. Jump in!”


“Please, we want to collaborate with you.”


“The early adopters are…the practices that stand the most to gain.”


“This is truly holistic health.”


“Everybody’s talking about it, but nobody’s doing it!”


“What an easy proof of concept – just start coding it what it is.”


“We are such an integral part of healthcare, and…we’ve got to take these little baby steps and just get started. Just do something.”





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