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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Dec 29, 2021

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On this episode of A Tale of Two Hygienists we are joined by your Hygiene-Educators from Hygiene Edge, and Teacher Tina! This week your hosts talk to us about the gift that is local anesthesia! 


Special thank you to Paradise Dental Technologies for sponsoring the CE portion of our podcast so that we can provide you with the FREE CE! Be sure to view your state guidelines to ensure this CE is applicable in your State. Take the quiz for this episode here! You can view all episodes with Free CE here. 


Interview Starts: 02:44.837

Episode Highlights

  • Teacher Tina!
  • Hit me with your best shot
  • Practice Aids 
  • Gift of pain free procedure 
  • Habit 
  • Paresthesia
  • Resources




“You don’t have to be the person standing on Capitol Hill but you do need to be involved.” 


“Put your money where your mouth is.” 


“Allow the student to have practice.” 


“The way to give your patient your very best is to know they are comfortable and out of pain.” 


“The lack of injection videos was a big motivator for us to start Hygiene Edge.” 


“Don’t just tell me what anesthetic you are going to use, tell me why you are going to use it.” 


“The number one cause of paresthesia is the clinician.” 


“You are responsible for what you give the patient, it’s not the dentist, it’s you.” 



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