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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 20, 2019

We're ecstatic to have dental compliance expert Olivia Wann, RD, JD back on our show again (hear her previously on episode 82)! The founder of Modern Practice Solutions is here to tackle a topic that becomes more and more important to cover the closer we approach tax season: employment status.

 Depending on how you were hired, it's possible that you're not an actual employee of your clinic but a long-term contractor. This discrepancy can severely complicate how much you owe the IRS come April 15, so Olivia wants both you and your boss to ensure that both you have proper employee status, just in case of an audit. Related to this, her clinic also offers the Intense Office Manager Course at her office in Tennessee one Friday per month.

 In this episode, Olivia breaks down the difference between being an employee and being a contractor, argues why you and your employer should be pushing for the latter, and explains how you can get everything in order for tax season.

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- What technically separates an employee from a contractor, and why you need to figure out which category you’re in.

- Getting the 411 on the 1099 (form).

- Why more hygienists qualify as employees rather than contractors.

- The constructive way hygienists can ensure their clinic has hired them as an employee.

- What you should do during tax season if you realize you’ve been misclassified

- Make sure to get. Everything. In. Writing.


“If the temp agency is employing the hygienist then the hygienist would be an employee of the temp agency, not the doctor.” 

“That onboarding process needs to be evaluated to make sure that we’re handling it correctly.” 

“It’s important that we sharpen our skills in office management and running businesses to be sure we’re not violating any of the laws.” 

“That 1099 is an independent contractor, and it involves a level of control the payer has or does not have over that worker.”



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