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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 4, 2018

Ep 109 How to Have the Nice Things in Hygiene, Through Profitable Business Practices with Rachel Teel Wall RDH from Inspired Hygiene!

Guest Co-host Trisha O’Hehir joins the podcast.

Helping practices to elevate their hygiene department by bringing more engagement to their hygienists through systems and ensuring profitability.

Shout out to Vicki McManus!

We talk about motivators and about the business side of dentistry. We talk about how making the business profitable enables us to have the nice things in life.

How to be more self-aware.

We have to have some skin in the game - buy your own loupes!

How to figure out how to build the purchase of new instruments into the budget WITH the dentist.

Team collaboration is important!

How should you approach a situation when a coach or a consultant is asked to help a practice?

Contact Info:

Inspired Hygiene - Facebook Rachel Teel Wall. She appreciates a tag when her input would be beneficial.

(877) 237-7230)


Link to the questionable article from Dr Christensen