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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Feb 24, 2016

Michelle and Andrew relive the hellish nightmare that is being a dental hygiene student with 4 awesome future hygienists! We apologize (again!) for the audio - one day it will actually be better! We had a fun time and are happy to be able to make this into a 2 part episode with the second half being released in a few weeks. Thanks to our panelists - I will update these show notes when I can so stay tuned for some amazing information about our guests!

A message from our guest Ed Faton  - PPlaybrush, a water proof sensor that goes on the bottom of any tooth brush, accompanied with an application (which is a game) that teaches kids as well as adults to brush more efficiently. We make brushing fun and motivate the users to brush as well. Playbrush had a successful Kickstarter, and it has been validated in that way. Now the company is wanting to validate their success in the US. Please Check us out at And the company is open to work with any other dental professionals. I am attempting to set up polit studies to prove the gamification of oral health through the playbrush.