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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Feb 29, 2016

Michelle and Andrew head over to Chicago - Michelle for work with Tepe and Andrew for Chicago Midwinter. It was the first time in almost the year that we've known each other that we were in the same place at the same time! We were able to meet up with Sarah Thiel, RDH and co-founder of CE Zoom, the most awesome CE tracking program available. The problem with that description is that CE Zoom is so much more than that. Just listen to the episode and you'll discover how much more it can do for you! We love Sarah, she was an amazing guest and friend of the show. We hope that you listeners will sign up for this free service to protect yourself and your licenses (sounds scary but, again, listen to the episode on what can happen!).

Explicit tag is just in case the bleeping isnt enough.. there are only a few spots during the intro but the episode only has bleeps to protect Sarah and the states mentioned and representatives from the states.. to keep everyone happy!