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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

While Michelle, unfortunately, wasn’t able to sit down for this show’s latest episode, the similarly named hygienist Machell Hudson (previously heard on Episode 128) has kindly stopped by to help Andrew interview a fellow hygienist who knows just how important the link between oral health and healthy pregnancies is.

Katy Cameron hails from Bozeman, Montana and has been a dental hygienist for over a decade. She met Machell through the Productive Dentist Academy and specializes in laser treatment. Katy as a real thirst for knowledge and always keeps up with the latest dental and hygiene research.

In this episode, Katy and Machell discuss pregnancy, genetics and nutrition, how they all tie into oral health, and what you can do to optimize your health and the health of your soon-to-be newborn going into pregnancy.


Interview starts: 6:20

 - Why preparing for pregnancy requires as much care and consideration as preparing to run a marathon (for men, too!).

- Which genetic factors can affect your future child—and which ones can you change?

- Responsibly managing stress to prevent negative long-term and natal effects.

 - Why are pregnant women at an increased risk of gingivitis?

 - Katy's top recommendations for vitamins and supplements women can take during pregnancy.

 - The reason pregnant (and pre-pregnant) women should get tested for Vitamin D and K2 levels.

 - Liver: the REAL superfood.

 - We all know cod is healthy, so what's the best way to consume it?

 - The role Vitamin C plays in building oral-facial structures.

 - Figuring out which oils are good for you, and which are bad.


“These pathogens are opportunistic, so they see a window of time to get in there and do their thing.”

“I'm not suggesting necessarily that people just cook up a big ol' beef liver.”

“Grain-fed animals aren't going to be as nutrient-dense as grass-fed animals.”

“You need to space out your Vitamin C consumption throughout the day.” 

“I would even go as far to say that the consumption of sugars and bad oils is even worse than smoking cigarettes.”


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