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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jul 5, 2016

Stay tuned after the end music to find out what Michelle's real name is! WARNING - Michelle says some no-no words! 

Also, Tune in for episode 34 for CLUE NUMBER 3 to WIN FREE TUITION FOR SMILES AT SEA!

Michelle looks ridiculous and does not bring her "A" game at all today

Michelle accuses our guest of being infectious

Michelle wants to "chum" the waters with vomit to attract great white sharks...???

Andrew tries to drink energy drinks but fails

Daniel talks about misconceptions and pet peeves while working with HIV/AIDS populations

Daniel explains how FQHC's work and where their focus is at Callen Lorde

Daniel and Michelle are going to Uganda together, they plan on contracting Malaria from the same mosquito somehow...

We learned a ton, but check out the links below and email Daniel if you have any questions or comments about the show!