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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Dec 1, 2016

What a great episode this was with Karen! Karen is an absolute delight to listen to. She has a passion for this profession and a lot of helpful knowledge to share. We are lucky to call her a dear friend of the show! Karen wears many hats and the one we talk alot about in this episode is her work with American Eagle Instruments and XP technology. Listen as she explains how XP technology can potentially save your career!

Shout out to Daniel Lopez, RDH again but this time from Karen!

Two people start talking college football… and it wasn’t the lone dude on the podcast!

Shout out to Joan Cook!

Chicago Midwinter -

Shout out to Karen’s friend Janelle!

Karen is a Southpaw!

Michelle reminds listeners that Andrew crapped all over Iowa in a past episode

Instrumentation is the key!

Karen Siebert, RDH, MA is leading the team of AEI CEs. Karen is adjunct faculty instructor at The College of Lake County just outside of Chicago. She has led numerous hands-on workshops featuring AEI's sharpen-free XP® Technology instruments over the past two years. Karen led a nationwide webinar CE, which was hosted by Pennwell, featuring the dangers of re-tipping dental hand instruments and has presented at RDH Under One Roof. Karen is a member of ADEA and ADHA. She is the Membership Chair for the Illinois DHA and Trustee for the Lake County DH Component. She is also the Screening Committee Chairwoman for the Northern Illinois Oral Cancer Foundation.