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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Dec 17, 2016

We know these show-notes are lengthy... but you gotta read them people!! This is a great episode!

Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS is a vision-driven still practicing clinician that brings experience and news-participants-can-use the next day. Her works centers on challenging professionals to be the best they can be; for 2013 that means increasing their brain fitness. Brain fitness is the ability of the brain to learn what the organism needs to know in order to survive in a changing environment. Patti teaches solutions to help participants discover ways to protect and enhance their brains to ultimately be more effective in treating patients.

Patti is an American Dental Association Evidence Based Champion and Current Dental Terminology Licensee an author of a series of Dentalcodeology: More Than Pocket Change, the first in a series of mini-books on insurance coding for hygienists. She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and a Certified Speaking Professional candidate. She is a key opinion leader for multiple manufacturers and well known author. Patti is a certified Health Information Technology trainer and a member of the American Health Information Management Association taking an active role in our shaping the changes in our electronic world.


Shout outs to GC America, Elevate Oral Healthcare, Acteon, American Eagle Instruments with XP technology, Kerr, Paradise Dental Technologies for instruments and the Gleason Guide, and so many others for helping Michelle with her mission trip to Nicaragua!

Scaling the Web article -

Should you code a SRP (4341) AND a Prophy (1110) on the same day? Listen to the master of the dental codes, Patti DiGangi and what she thinks about that!

Michelle finally gets to drink wine at RDH UOR

Patti is a PRACTICING dental hygienist. The information she has for us comes from hours and hours of research and clinical application sitting in the same chair we do!

She speaks on caries and periodontal disease eradication!

Low and Silness Gingival Index… never heard of that term (like Michelle and I!!)? Go here to see a quick overview

Wanna see a cool equation?

Risk assessment + diagnoses = medical necessity

Want another?

ADD + OCD = Success

Chairside Chats with the Patti’s (DiGangi and Beeson)

Michelle gets combative when she learns Andrew is right about the “Once Perio Always Perio” diagnosis… that patients can be healed!

Contact Info:

Patti DiGangi