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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Dec 25, 2016

Ben Hilger – Bad Things Happen to Good People

Ben helps us find out where to find our legal rights! How would you like to pay a small flat fee (like about 20 bucks a month!) and have a lawyer at your fingertips, IN YOUR STATE, to help you fight the injustices that happen to us hygienists? Call Ben and tell him you heard the podcast!

8 hours or less and you will hear back from a lawyer in your state!

Mike, the producer, makes not really an appearance but shout out to Mike!


“But legally, Shut Up” – Michelle Strange 2016

“The only thing that’s true, is this podcast” Ben Hilger 2016

(808) 421-7672 Ben Hilger’s number – CALL HIM!

Michelle shares her hatred of Comcast again #deathtocomcast