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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 4, 2017

Amber begins the podcast telling about Mary, her inspiration for becoming a dental hygienist. She goes on to discuss her background as a candy-striper and medical exposure. Due to her observance of the individuals in the nursing field, she determined that nursing was not going to work out for her. Mary gave her an idea to get into hygiene and the story begins…

How satisfied are you with your job? Do you try to convince others to try to join the profession?


Dr Sakher AlQahtani – Pediatric dentist from Saudi Arabia – We discuss his education in Ryadh and London. Not as satisfied with his career choice at first, he stumbled upon education and forensic odontology

We judge parents who keep their kids up late and don’t help them take care of their teeth!

Pediatric dentists LOVE.. well mostly HATE “Let It Go”


Dr David Wold – 33 years of dentistry staying in his hometown. Dr Wold tells a personal story that explains his passion for forensic dentistry and how important the work is.


Dr Catone “Forensic Dentistry” book

ADA Mass Disaster Workshop in 2003 – Hands On

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology class

We talk about trainings and courses and different groups and affiliations for forensic dentistry. We talk about the hierarchy.

American Society of Forensic Odontology

American Academy of Forensic Sciences


We discuss the process of decomposition of bodies and the process of intake.

“The Flys Leave Eventually”

Amber will be at Hinman! Go see her and tell her you heard her on the podcast! is Amber’s website that has all of her information!

Forensic Odontology Working group with Interpol

Forensic Odontologists for Human Rights – volunteer group