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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 24, 2017

Dr. Chris Salierno - Thanks for the great conversation!

Chris begins this podcast talking about the pros and cons of lecturing hung over – not from personal experience!!

Shout out to Dr. Scott Froum

Chris lectures to hygienists pretty regularly. He is a practicing general dentist on Long Island, lectures on practice management and restoring implants, is the Chief Editor for Dental Economics, travels to meetings.

We talk hygienic complications vs cosmetic and functional complications

Lets not freak out over bleeding! Use critical thinking!

What is the role of the hygienist in co-diagnosing?

We discussed how to talk with your doctor to get more involved in the process

We talk “sleepy dentists” and “sleepy practices”

Are we scaling implants or de-plaquing? What tools should we use?

What types of patient products should we be recommending?