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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jul 22, 2017

Matt finally gets his own episode! 

Interview starts around minute 13

One of Matt’s missions is to teach and educate the people in Wisconsin (and now the world on AToTH!) on the benefits of fluoride. Evidence-based methods are used to show city councils and local government officials the truth about fluoride. We talk about the anti-fluoride groups and what their biggest claims are and how to discuss (or not to sometimes) the issues in a civilized manner.

Matt encourages people not to debate – just show them the facts!

Come see us at RDH UNDER ONE ROOF in August!

Linda Jorgenson
almost seven years ago

I'm so glad I listened all he way to the end! Great idea describe cleanings as sometimes therapeutic and sometimes preventative! Perfect.

I enjoyed listening to Matt too - he's my Wisconsin buddy. A bonafide expert. Well done.