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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Sep 24, 2017

Episode 91 Show Notes

Episodes starts with a recap of AAOSH -

Shout out to Lucy Conard, Jeri Freedman, Machelle with the weird spelling, and the entire state of Wisconsin

Suck it Matt Crespin

This is the SIBO thing Michelle was talking about

Pathogen Lounge FB group - Michelle does a FB live with Dr Larkin

Michelle uses the word “capricious” today

Mary Otto

Interview starts at 11:40

We talk to Mary about oh so many things. We do kind of jump around on her a bit.. Sorry Mary ;)

We talk about why she wrote the book, the research process, and her outcomes.

We talk about private insurance and state based insurance coverage

We talk about alternatives to current professional models including scope of practice alternatives

Integration of oral health into medical centers

The beginning of medical/dental separation

Diagnostic and Treatment Codes


The Forsyth study we talk about -


Coverage of Deamonte Driver -


Get her book! -