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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 30, 2018

Interview starts at minute - 12:40

This episode is fantastic! We spend our time talking about the basics of prosthodontics and move into how that impacts our role as a hygienist. We promise you will learn something new today!

Dr Luiz Gonzaga did the first part of his training in Brazil then his residency for prosthodontics in the United States. He is now teaching residents for prosths and oral surgery at the University of Florida. He and Michelle have lectured together and we are honored that we were able to meet up with him in Chicago! - check out the website and the academy!

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over six years ago

Cement vs screw retained....I wonder if ultrasonics could loosen screws. Biologic risks of cement...most patient situations are not ideal...I like the idea of screw retained, seeing dentist first, remove for maintenance. Good conversation!