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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Nov 23, 2020

On this A Tale of Two Hygienists Bonus episode we are joined by Charissa Wood, RDH who tells us about the oral systemic connection and how Perio Protect helps her patients achieve optimal oral health. Charissa highlights patient communication and compliance strategies and shares with us some of her favorite success stories! 


Episode Highlights

  • Charissa’s background
  • Bulletproof Hygiene
  • Oral systemic link 
  • Perio Protect Trays - How they work
  • Benefits of Perio Protect Trays 
  • Success stories
  • Patient communication and compliance




“Everything I learned took me to a place where I couldn’t unlearn it.”


“There are 57 different systemic conditions that they have tied to periodontal disease.”


“If I am inducing bleeding I am introducing bacteria into their bloodstream.”


“It's basically a hyperbaric chamber for the mouth.”


“They have seen Pg bacteria initiate arthritis to the joints.” 


“I would say everyone is a candidate for Perio Protect Trays.”


“The side effect of using these trays is that your teeth get whiter.” 


“Underneath the gums, it’s warm, it’s dark and there isn’t much oxygen, which is where those bacteria want to be.”


“I offer to any of my pregnant patients salivary testing to make sure their levels are where they should be.” 


“Did you just do the same thing, because that didn’t hurt.” 


“I'm a big advocate for sharing your patient's wins with them.” 



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