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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jan 26, 2019

For this episode, we wrap up our four-part airway series with Cyndee Johnson and Julia Worrall. We focus on how to get people to get their airways checked, what terms you should and shouldn’t use with patients, and making the case for CPAP and oral appliances.


Interview begins: 7:01

- Michelle’s less than hygienic experiences with fellow gym-goers.

- Have you ever spoken to anyone about your airway? It’s an important first step.

- Why an intraoral camera comes in handy.

- Using simple, non-scientific terminology to help your patient to understand as clearly as possible.

- Avoiding the word “mild” when describing airway issues to patients.

- Working with patients who are averse to a CPAP or oral appliances.

- Keeping an eye on gag reflex issues.


“You’re gonna see huge differences as that face comes alive.”

“If they can program [sleep] into our computer we should be able to manage ourselves a little better.”

“Anything that we provide in health care, we can find a way to make it positive.”


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