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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Apr 24, 2019

Continuing our themes of health and nutrition from the last few episodes, Michelle and Andrew have invited a guest who isn’t just critical of our society’s intake—she has reason to believe it’s the key ingredient in our public health and nutrition crisis, one that needs to be reassessed if we’re to all live cleaner lives.

Karen Davis is a practicing dental hygienist, author, consultant, and founder of Cutting Edge Concepts, where she uses presentations to provide dental teams with inspiration, guidance and the tools they need to succeed. Her latest course is on the negative and pervasive effects of sugar in our food and drink and why we need to cut down on sugar consumption across the board.

In this episode, Karen discusses the personal experiences that prompted her campaign against unnecessary sugar, explores the cover-up that led to so much sugar being pumped into our food to begin with, and suggests ways patients and health care providers alike can reduce their sugar intake.


Interview starts:  

- How Karen’s husband and daughter prompted her to focus on the effects of sugar for her latest course.

- Why it takes constant effort and mindfulness to avoid sugar.

- Becoming a “label detective” so you can stay on top of ingredients that might negatively impact you.

- Why of all the sugars, you need to watch out for Fructose the most.

- How the low-fat craze of the 1970s ended up putting even more sugar into our diets—and the cover-up behind it!

- The challenge of getting people to give up sugar, and the simple way you can start tapering down yourself. 

- What measures are being taken to regulate sugar intake? 

- Karen’s method for managing sugar intake with her own patients.

- Find out which conferences you can meet up with Karen at this year.


“If you ask me why I teach on sugar it’s because I learned the hard way.”

“With one choice at the beginning of my day I was already exceeding the sugar recommendations.”

“Sugar is a toxin, it’s poisonous to our health.” 

“You don’t have to search very far to find some alternatives if you want to ‘spice up’ your water.”

“I just encourage everyone to start somewhere and by all means, health care professionals, we gotta start with ourselves.”

“We really can step into that space and make a difference patient by patient.”


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