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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Nov 20, 2019

To continue its series on the business side of dentistry, A Tale of Two Hygienists is taking a look at how you can ensure your office team works together like a well-oiled machine. For this discussion, Michelle is joined by co-host Eden Evie of MouthWatch and a guest who specializes in personality assessment.


Corinne “Corey” Jameson-Kuehl is the owner and business development leader for Custom Dental Solutions, a team of consultants that assists dental offices in developing a corporate culture that suits their vision and needs. Corey uses a combination of DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance) and Driving Forces assessments to help her clients determine which roles jive well with their personality styles.


In this episode, Corey discusses which key traits her assessment measures, looks at which traits Michelle and Eden scored the highest on, and helps you figure out what kind of office work you’re best suited for.




Interview starts: 20:45

- Corey discusses the “Finding Your Why” course she recently held at the Indigo Conference.


- What Corey’s assessment can tell you about the skills and traits you bring to the dental office.


- Breaking down how the DISC assessment works and what each score means.


- The neat reason so many dental hygienists have the same score on Corey’s assessment.


- How exactly did Michelle and Eden score on Corey’s assessment? We take a DEEP dive.


- What Corey did to improve one hygienist’s working conditions with just a single move.


- What your assessment score can tell you about the kind of work you’re best suited to in a dental office.


- How you can tell it’s time for you to start looking outside of the box and exploring new territory in your career.





“Students are amazing, because if they can understand this concept now, this will save them so much grief in their life.”


“I don’t have to explain to anybody my ‘why’—you can see my why.”


“Stress, to me, is something you never want to continue to adapt to.”


“Even if no one else in your practice does it, learning about yourself... is the game-changer.”


“If you know your Why, you’ll never ask your What.”


“Take what you learn and then put it into practice every day.”



Custom Dental Solutions:

Custom Dental Solutions phone number: 1-262-853-1414

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If you want to take Corey’s assessment, let her know in the email subject line!



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