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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

In this week's TIPisode, Andrew and Michelle discuss ideas to help you navigate the dental conference world. Whether you are an industry professional or an attendee, here are a few helpful hints to make your experience just a little bit better!

Feb 26, 2020

Continuing A Tale of Two Hygienists’ series on the integration of oral health care into other fields, this week’s guests are two hygienists who act as bridges between the dental world and the medical world.


Mary Signorino is both a registered dental hygienist and a registered nurse who knows firsthand how the two...

Feb 21, 2020

Antibiotics use is often a debated topic in our profession and between our profession and specialties like orthopedics.  What do the guidelines say?  How do we advocate for our patients so we don't create these superbugs because of antibiotic overuse? Dr. Tom Viola is back for another TIPisode on this topic.  


Feb 19, 2020

A Tale of Two Hygienists continues its series on how professionals have integrated oral health care with other medical practices in new and innovative ways by speaking with employees of a vital public health organization.


Both of this episode’s guests are hygienists based in Phoenix, Arizona and who work for...

Feb 14, 2020

Teledentistry.  You have heard it used, but what does it mean?  Telehealth is helping people all over the world, but dentistry has been a bit slower in adopting this type of technology.  Eden Ivie, RDH, gives us some definitions and ways that teledentistry could be used.  You may be surprised when and where we could use...