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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jan 29, 2020

For the final installment in A Tale of Two Hygienists’ series on myofunctional therapy, guest and myofunctional expert Sarah Hornsby discusses how to integrate this kind of therapy into a clinic’s practices, develop a business around it, or even bring it online.

Sarah K. Hornsby, RDH, is a myofunctional therapist, speaker and mentor. Her interest in myofunctional disorders arose from her own myofunctional problems, inspiring her to ask bigger questions about why these issues are prevalent in today’s society. This ultimately led to her launching her own myofunctional therapy practice, Faceology, a decade ago.


In this episode, Sarah explains the “awkward stance” some states have toward myofunctional therapy, breaks down the benefits of online therapy for patient and therapist alike, and discusses the industry-wide changes that could affect her practice in the years to come.





Interview starts: 13:00


- Sarah explains how she began her journey as a myofunctional therapist.


- The reason why Sarah worked out of multiple orthodontic offices instead of just one.


- What helped Sarah overcome her resistance to doing myofunctional therapy online?


- How Sarah and other myofunctional therapists go about selecting their patients.


- The balancing act of pricing your services so that they benefit both you and your patients.


- On bringing myofunctional therapy to underserved and underprivileged populations.


- The importance of continuing education in the myofunctional world.





“I think my story helps hygienists understand that this field is pretty open to whatever works.”


“I feel like I’m filling a void that needed to be filled. I’m doing the absolute best job for my patients.”


“You get the patients with the doctors you network with.”


“If you actually want to be a myofunctional therapist you’re gonna have to apply what you learn.”

“It takes just a lot of actual real life experience, and that’s what makes you get better.”



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