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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jul 29, 2020

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To close out this month’s series on ergonomics, A Tale of Two Hygienists had the opportunity to speak with a posture expert who takes an evidence-based approach to educating her clients.

Bethany Valachi is a doctor of physical therapy who is also the author of 80 published articles and an ergonomics instructor at OHSU School of Dentistry in Portland. She is the CEO of Posturedontics, which supplies dental practices with ergonomic training resources and webinars.


In this episode, Bethany explains what a “trigger point” is, explores some of the new ergonomic challenges introduced by COVID, and discusses how hygienists can use their cell phone cameras to hold each other accountable for their posture.





Interview starts: 7:06


- How her husband’s struggles led Bethany to develop a more evidence-based approach to dental ergonomic education.


- What are the parts and regions of the body most commonly affected by poor dental ergonomics?


- Why sitting down places even more tension on the body than when you’re moving.


- Using turkey skin to understand how trigger points develop.


- What is the absolute WORST position for your body to be in while treating a patient?


- Bethany’s two biggest criteria for selecting a patient chair.


- The common ergonomic setup mistake Bethany notices across many practices.


- Which exercises should hygienists leave out of their yoga routines?





“The effort of your muscles to statically contract creates more of a workload than when your body is moving!”


“Seventy percent of your patient treatment can—and should—come from the 11-to-12 o’clock positions.”


“If you get the narrower backrest, that’s gonna gain you at least four inches closer to the oral cavity.”


“The average dental stool in the past has been designed for the average-size European man.”


“If you do... resistance exercise on muscles that have active trigger points, your pain will actually get worse.”


“Don’t wait for the pain to occur.”


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