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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Aug 19, 2020

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Continuing A Tale of Two Hygienist’ series on workplace culture, Michelle had the fortune to speak with an expert when it comes to figuring out the code of ethics that works best for each practice.

Susan Gunn is a speaker, author and consultant specializing in fraud examination. A financial organization expert, she wants to help business owners understand and protect their practices. In addition, Susan is the host of the Money In, Money Out podcast, where she speaks with a variety of guests on workplace financial organization.


In this episode, Susan explains what distinguishes ethics from legality, discusses the value of leading by example, and has the listeners ask themselves: who do you want to be known as?





Interview starts: 13:11


- The workplace experience that prompted Susan to get certified in fraud examination.


- What really are ethics?


- Looking at the grey area of legal yet unethical behavior.


- What to do when you see a colleague engaging in unethical behavior online.


- How social and workplace culture shape our ethical codes.


- Why Susan won’t mince words over employees who steal from their practice.


- The value of a code of ethics over a mission statement.


- What you should ask yourself before posting on Facebook or social media.





“Sometimes we just need a reminder of how to be ethical.”


“Ethics is our own personal choice. It’s not a personality trait.”


“Our actions speak way louder than our words, but some of the words I’ve seen on social media have been blared through to make their points.”


“An ethically compromised culture encourages participants to compromise their ethics.”


“No one forces you to be on the path that you’re on.”


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