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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

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A Tale of Two Hygienists is closing out the month and their series on effective leadership and teambuilding by speaking to an expert on team dynamics.

Kiera Dent is the owner and founder of the Dental A Team, which consults over 50 dental offices across the United States and helps them optimize their practices. Working in a variety of positions—from dental assistant to office manager to treatment coordinator, etc.—allowed Kiera to realize how vital each member of a practice is. Now she works to dispel myths and help people come together.

In this episode, Kiera highlights which little team conflicts can boil over into larger ones, explains how to structure goals in a way that speaks to everybody in an office, and lays out traits that are common among the most effective practices she’s worked with.


Interview starts: 14:44


- Kiera delves into her professional history with understanding and implementing team dynamics.


- Which sticking points tend to drive wedges and create conflict between different team members?


- What metric should we be using to measure a practice’s productivity?


- Clearing expectations and reducing frustration.


- Kiera lists an array of traits that the most effective practices tend to possess.


- What Kiera thinks hirers should look for from candidates during interviews.




“Every piece plays a part.”


“Frustration only occurs when expectations are missed.”


“If you place an ad, you should darn well know who you want to hire.”


“Don’t overload your team because complexity is the enemy of execution.”


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