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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

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The latest A Tale of Two Hygienists delves into the particulars of X-ray imagining and how hygienists can keep on top of this irradiating subject through continuing education. To this end, Michelle has invited back a guest who has appeared on the show enough times that she might as well be considered an honorary co-host.


Emily Boge, RDH, is the dental administrative chair at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa, and serves as the program chairs for dental assisting and dental hygiene. In addition, she is a product innovator for American Eagle Instruments and a speaker/consultant under her own Think Big Dental brand. 


In this episode, Emily discusses one of the more difficult radiology imaging concepts for hygiene students to grasp, emphasizes how hygienists are accountable for what’s on the X-ray image, and defines the oddly-named S.L.O.B. rule.





Interview starts: 3:54


- What you can expect out of Emily’s “Five Hour Power Pack” for radiology CE.


- Why Emily can’t imagine learning without a phosphor plate.


- Taking a closer look at some key terminology using a popsicle stick analogy.


- When should you bisect the angle?


- The “safe zone” for a handheld X-ray and how Emily’s height complicated using that device.


- What is the S.L.O.B. rule?





“The key to... understanding anything in X-ray is to understand parallel vs. perpendicular.”


“It’s very important when you first start taking X-rays that you learn correctly.”


“You don’t have to have a fancy, fancy camera to be able to get high quality intraoral images.”


“It takes one patient to pay for that one intraoral camera.”


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