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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 30, 2022

On this episode of A Tale of Two Hygienists we are recording at Hinman Dental Conference with Dr. Emily Boge and Misty Mattingly, RDH to talk about disrupting dentistry and fighting for change. 


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Interview Starts: 04:16.713


Episode Highlights 

  • Misty’s Background
  • Board makeup 
  • Support your states
  • The power of the Board vs. The power of ADHA 
  • License Portability 
  • Mouth Care Matters
  • Preparing yourself to be a Board Member



“If they are crazy enough to think that they can make the change, they usually do.” 


“This bill allowed hygienists to go into nursing homes in our state.” 


“What you put into the universe you get back.” 


“I’m only the 5th hygienist ever to be on the GA Board of Dentistry.” 


“I think I am much more outspoken than any other hygienists they have had.” 


“Look at those states that are left and help support them.”


“I’ve never known a hygiene world where I couldn't give an injection.” 


“We are double board certified.” 


“Sometimes I feel like ADHA forgot about us.” 


“You have the tenacity and you won't give up.” 


“I fall down but I always get back and continue forward, because we have to.” 


“I want to leave a legacy in my profession, not only here in GA but professionally.” 


“I want to see our profession seen as a healthcare profession.” 


“This isn't just about cleaning teeth, this is about healthcare and quality of life for patients.” 


“Some of these patients in nursing homes are so sad.” 


“There is a group that goes out and trains medical professionals how to care for their patients' oral care.” 


“People are so fearful that change is going to take something away, when often change is going to give you something.” 


“Not everyone needs to drive the schoolbus, but everyone needs to be on the bus.” 


“I might not agree with everything my state association does, but I will pay my dues until I die.” 


“When you step away, there are others that will step up.” 


“Members of ADHA stay much more aware of where dentistry is going because you are more engaged. You are choosing to stay in tune with what is happening in the profession.” 


“Be in your community, raise your voice. Be seen and heard and educate your legislatures on what hygienists do.” 


“I would have a ketchup packet in my hand when I would shake GA legislators hands and would tell them that GA needed to catch up.” 


“Small ripple turns into a giant wave.”