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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jun 29, 2022

On this episode of A Tale of Two Hygienists Andrew is joined by Brianne Novaes to talk about how to improve your body's health to aid in having a long healthy career because simply stretching, strengthening or practicing ergonomics alone won’t do it, you need balance amongst all three!

Big thank you to our guest co-host Stephanie Botts, RDH for joining us on this episode! If you want to hear more from Stephanie be sure to check out her TIPisodes with us.



Episode Highlights

  • Stretching vs Strengthening 
  • Bulk: The Myth
  • Muscles to focus on 
  • Brianne's Program



“Your muscles are like rubber bands.” 


“Stretching is a portion of the puzzle but some are strengthening and ergonomics.” 


“As women we are not going to get bulky, we don’t have the testosterone.” 


“Just because it is a kettlebell does not mean you are strength training.” 


“Inbalance are when your muscles are not equal in strength and length.” 


“Nobody wants to be a dental hunchback.”


“If you are having pain in your back, it could be coming from your knee or neck or elsewhere in your body.” 


“Uncomfortable is different from discomfort.” 


“Once you build muscle it is just about maintaining it.” 


“There is so much noise out there in the fitness industry, the portion of what is right is very small.” 


“If you are looking to go to yoga to improve your imbalances, it isn’t going to happen.”