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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Sep 21, 2022

This month we have partnered with DEXIS to bring you 4 courses from their DEXIS Days series. DEXIS Days is a month-long virtual experience to help you advance your knowledge, embrace emerging technologies, and thrive. This is one of 34 education sessions! 

On this episode Gary Salman, Chief Executive Officer at Black Talon Security, LLC talks to us about Ransomware Attacks.

Over the last year, ransomware attacks have been decimating the dental community and shutting down practices of all sizes for 10+ days. Over 75% of the time, ransomware attacks result in the theft of patient data and costs often exceed $200,000. If the ransom is not paid, all your patient information and images are auctioned for sale on the Dark Web. Cloud backups, firewalls and anti-virus software are not the answer…yet 90% of practices across the US are relying on this technology to protect their practices. Your firewall and anti-virus software will not stop data theft and/or most ransomware strains. 

Thanks to TempStars support this episode has FREE CE! Be sure to view your state guidelines to ensure this CE is applicable in your State. You can view all episodes with Free CE here. Take the CE course for this episode HERE

Learning Objectives: 

  • The technologies/methodologies and training that must be in place to protect your data and to keep your doors open
  • The impact of a cyberattack against a dental practice
  • How hackers steal your data and where they post it after it is stolen
  • The difference between IT companies and cybersecurity companies and the need for specialization
  • The financial and emotional impact of a cyberattack against your practice