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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Nov 27, 2021

On this special bonus episode we are joined by Tyler Ornstein who is the founder of Tyler’s Coffee, the world's first acid-free coffee! We bring this episode to you during GERD awareness week. For your patients who want or need to be on an acid free, or low acid diet but still want to enjoy their coffee, Tyler’s Coffee is for them!


Episode Highlights

  • History of Tyler’s Coffee
  • Z-Roasting Process 
  • Caffeine Content
  • Swiss Water Seal Decaffeinated Coffee
  • Your Water Makes A Difference
  • Iced-Coffee the Right Way
  • Liftted Coffee
  • Antioxidants 



“You can drink this coffee without a straw.” 


“I can give up X,Y and Z but if you take away my coffee someone will die.” 


“Each individual bean is roasted.” 


“We are single-sourced USDA Organic, we’ve been going to the same single farm for 10 years.”


“Because we don’t over-roast our coffee it yields a naturally higher caffeine content.” 


“A lot of other brands will powder coat their coffee with synthesized artificial caffeine.”


“With Tyler’s you have more caffeine, over a longer period of time.”


“The study said 50 million Americans suffer from stomach related modalities.” 


“The difference between eating healthy, and eating cheap is sad.” 



Promo Code Coming Soon: Follow us on Instagram for the code 


Tyler’s Coffee 855-554-3833