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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Feb 9, 2018

Ep 106 Teledentistry

Intro - How late does a patient have to be before we reschedule?

Interview starts at Minute 11

We welcome Brant Herman from MouthWatch and TeleDent and Eden Ivie, RDH to the podcast to talk about:

How does teledentistry work?

In what areas of dentistry does it work?

What is the pushback?

What are the CDT codes for teledentistry?

Asynchronous and Synchronous feeds

How do providers get paid?

Storytime with Michelle from the Journal Telemedicine and E-Health on the Teledentistry!

This episode is CE worthy - you must follow this link

Approved Pace Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit Approval Does Not Imply Acceptance By A State Or Provincial Board of Dentistry Or AGD Endorsement. 1/1/18- 12/31/19 Provider #373236