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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

May 19, 2018

120 Mentorship Roundtable

Interview starts at minute 8:40

This episode discusses the importance of mentorship and the general profession of dental hygiene in alternative settings. We also tackle social media etiquette and boosting your presence

Roundtable Participants

Machelle Galloway, Kristine Berry, Emily Boge, Ambet Auger, and our friend Jackie.


Special offer: Free mirror handle with purchase of 12 pack of mirror heads (limit 1 per person) Promo Code: ATOTH12

  • • Benefits of a resin head: lens is flush with the mirror frame – no debris build up can occur! Stainless steel rhodium mirrors can end up rusting and looking gross over time. No galvanic shock on patient. Autoclavable. Antimicrobial protection – no mold or rust! Lightweight for the practitioner. Thank you Zirc for your continued support of the podcast and the profession!