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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 21, 2016

Eileen Morrissey is very accomplished, but at one point she LEFT DENTISTRY! Realizing how awesome our profession was, she came back, new and improved. Eileen shares her story and much more! If you have ever thought of how to give CE for the things you lecture on, without going through the study club or group you are talking to, she shares some great ideas! to find lectures near you!

We also talk again about CE Zoom - Its EVERYWHERE!

Andrew will be at TownieMeeting 2016 in Vegas on the 30th-2nd of April


Michelle and Andrew will be meeting up with Susan Wingrove in Washington State April 8th and 9th - sign up for her course and view her other speaking engagements here

We will also be back in Washington the next weekend in Bellevue for the WSDHA Symposium so message us on the facebook page and we will meet up with fans of the show!