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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jul 3, 2017

Sarah Thiel, RDH with CE Zoom

This episode has a HUGE Announcement! HUGE WE SAY!

In addition to talking to one of our favorite people, Sarah Thiel, we talk about giving out FREE CE for the podcast and what kind of things count for CE! A Tale of Two Hygienists has been working with CE Zoom for the last almost year to iron out a way to provide CE to all of you awesome listeners. It’s a thank you for hanging in there with us as we keep working on our little project.

The CE will NEVER cost you, the listener money. EVER! We will continue to develop this and hopefully have it ready to launch later in the year. Until then, please help us up the number of downloads by telling your friends about this podcast. The more numbers we have, the easier it will be to secure sponsorship to pay for the CE!

A very big Thank You to Sarah Thiel and CE Zoom for helping us figure this out and do it the right way, with intergrity! We look forward to meeting up with her and her business partner Kat in Chicago to talk about what they have been up to since episode 14 (has it been that long??)! Not every episode will count for CE but we are hoping that the majority of them will! Thanks again for being a great listener, supporter, and fan of the show!

Interview Starts around minute 16:10ish - I think ;)