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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Aug 17, 2017

Kim Miller, RDH!

Booth Buzz with Premier starts at – 9:50

Interview Starts at – 22:40

Booth Buzz with Brasseler starts at – 58:45

Columnist for RDH Magazine - Product and technology integration

An in-office coach with Inspired Hygiene, a team of hygienist coaches that goes into the office to help clinicians better understand the medical dental connection

We talked about kissing without teeth

Bale-Doneen preceptorship course – saving lives through our work!


Is it okay to leave calculus?

What are the real causal factors?

Stop trying to scale biofilm!

Better doesn’t mean easier

When do you polish? Kim says polish in the middle!

How do we treat perio maintenance patients?

Perio Protect -



Plaque Off - - Email Kim!

Booth Buzz!!

Premier Dental

Brasseler Booth Buzz!!

Brasseler USA® Dental
One Brasseler Boulevard
Savannah, GA 31419
Toll-Free: 800-841-4522
Fax: 888-610-1937


Hygienists can set up their own accounts with Brasseler

Contact your local rep or use the customer service number to get the discount – 25% off your next order using the promo discussed on the episode!