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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jun 19, 2019

Andrew and Michelle are launching a new mini-series on specialty, this week is part 2 on orthodontics. At first glance, this topic doesn't seem to have a lot of apparent crossover with dental hygiene, but listeners will be surprised to learn how really does relate to the field. This is a must listen for dental teams and front office staff too!

Bryan Green, DMD, is an orthodontist based out of Boiling Springs, SC. Bryan has been practicing orthodontics for the last decade, and prior to that worked in periodontology for three years. He believes that patient compliance is essential for braces to be effective and that hygienists are the first line of defense in treating orthodontic issues.

In this episode, Bryan explains how his periodontology background has been a boon to his current orthodontic work, discusses why it's better to delay orthodontic treatment rather than start too early, and tells us if Invisalign is all it's cracked up to be.


Interview starts: 4:15

- The added benefit Bryan believes a combined periodontology-orthodontic background brings to the table.

 - What kind of different residency programs are there for orthodontics and what can you learn from each?

- The surprising longevity of orthodontics and why it’s so important in dentistry.

 - Why wouldn’t one pursue orthodontics?

 - The processes that cause tooth asymmetry and create a need for orthodontics.

 - How early should children be brought in to address orthodontic concerns? 

- The assessments Bryan makes during a patient’s typical first orthodontic appointment.

- The confusing that arises from dentists’ and orthodontists’ differing tooth numbering systems.

 - Why all the orthodontic treatment in the world won’t matter if patients aren’t willing to comply with your instructions. 

- The reason teenagers prove to be more difficult patients than children.

- Weighing the merits and drawbacks of brackets vs. trays/aligners.

- Do as-seen-on-TV aligners like Invisalign actually work?




“I never understood why all dentists are not considered DDS's or DMDs... but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter; you’re all dentists.”

“Nobody ever died because of crooked teeth.”

“Hygienists are like our first line of defense.”

“I’ve never been sorry for waiting with treatment, but I’ve been sorry that I started too early.”

“If you want to be successful in orthodontics, you’ve got to have compliance.”

“The [kids] that are breaking brackets, they typically have poor hygiene.”

“Communication is the key.”



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