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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Aug 25, 2019

A refreshing departure from our normal episodes, we meet up with Leah and Kelsey while in Brisbane for the ISDH. We begin with some Aussie slang and then briefly talk some dental before getting back off-topic, which I guess would technically be on topic as the fact that there was no topic is, in fact, the topic.

We veer into other nonsense before returning back to dental again. It was quite the roller coaster of emotions with some dental discussion thrown in.

**EXPLICIT** I put that warning up because there are a few mild swear words that sometimes turn into a string of swearing. Our sensitive audience should be made fully aware of it!

I will NEVER apologize for this episode! Yes its a bigger/longer/and at times foul-mouthed episode, but there is soooo much to take away from here. 

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A link for Michelle on how to say ampersand correctly