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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Apr 30, 2021

On this weeks TIPisode, brought to you by Young Dental we are joined by Whitney Howerton, MDH, RDH to disuss the biofilm and stain removal process, highlighting the Young Splatter Guard Prophy Angles!
Episode Highlights
  • Hygiene Process of Care
  • Polishing
  • Young Dental - Splatter Guard Prophy Angle
  • Word of the day - Innovation
"We may not think about each step of the dental hygiene process of care, but we are completing it for every single patient."
"Only 80% of patients have returned to practice."
"Did you ever think you would need to decide whether or not to polish your patient?"
"Many patients feel the polishing part of the appointment is the cleaning part."
"Did you know the average turnover rate of patients is 20%?"
"With the Young Splatter Guard Prophy Angle you don't have to worry about the splatter."
"9/10 dental processionals reported a significant reduction or complete elimination of splatter."
"I do not miss the frustration of the patients with facial hair that seems to be a magnet for prophy paste."